Reprint Policy.

It is with mixed feelings that we impose restrictions on the copying of our monthly Sky Calendar and Evening Skies. Our original intent in creating the Sky Calendar was to make an easy-to-follow guide to the night sky and distribute it as widely as possible. We wanted everyone to enjoy the sky as much as we do and believed the Sky Calendar would excite people's interest.

Although our "share the sky" philosophy is still foremost, it is now absolutely necessary that we obtain a fair return for all uses of the Sky Calendar / Evening Skies and have set the following policies:

1. Any non-profit, educational institution or group has permission to duplicate up to four issues per calendar year for educational use provided it: By setting these policies, we are attempting to insure that no individual can obtain the equivalent of a subscription to the Sky Calendar (12 issues) through methods that do not provide income to Abrams Planetarium. No individual should receive more than four reprinted copies per year. If you desire your membership to receive monthly copies, then see items (1) and (2) above.

We ask for your cooperation in following these reprint guidelines. The long term quality of the Sky Calendar depends both on your interest, as a Skywatcher, and the Sky Calendar's ability to produce income. We appreciate your support. If you have questions on these policies or potential uses not covered here, please contact the Abrams Planetarium office.