Health and Safety.

We have been working with MSU Health and Safety and custodial teams to make sure the planetarium is safe for visitors to come back and learn about the night sky! Here is how we are keeping visitors and staff safe.

Masks are Required

According to the state recommendations, everyone 5 and older is required to wear a mask before entering the building. We encourage kids younger than 5 to do their best and kids 2 and under are not required to wear a mask.

Abrams Mascot in Mask

Health Screenings

All staff and visitors must pass the MSU COVID Health Screening Survey ( prior to coming to the planetarium.

Abrams Mascot with Thermometer

Cleaning of Seats

All seats in the theater are covered and are disinfected daily.

Abrams Mascot with Spray Bottle


Visitors in separate households are seated at least 6 feet apart during shows.

Abrams Mascot 6 Feet Apart


There are numerous hand sanitizing stations and wipes around the lobby and theater.

Abrams Mascot with Sanitizer