At 4:40 pm local time on April 12, 2008, a bright fireball was witnessed by scores of people in Hebei Province. A single stone crashed through the roof of Wang Shulan's house, near the Royal tombs of the Qing Dynasty in Zunhua city. The stone penetrated the clay tile roof and plaster ceiling and fragmented upon hitting the stone floor. It was reported that the owner smelled something like gunpowder following the fall. Two main stones, 900 and 700 grams, along with some other pieces were recovered. Most of the meteorite was secured by government officials, but Wang kept some of the meteorite and sold pieces to various people. The meteorite features a gray-white color, fresh black fusion crust, and is condrule rich. This meteorite is also known as Kunshua. Note: The fragment on display is from the "Hammerstone" that crashed through Wang Shulan's house.